About us

Name: Ruebin

From: Papamoa.
College: Mount Maunganui College.
Experience: Navy, Electrical in rural, domestic, small and large commercial.
Sports: Rugby League. (Even though I’m old and the wife keeps telling me to give it up.)
Hobbies: Fishing, beach, athletics and spending time with my whanau.
Role in the company: Everything at the moment lol. Including sourcing, overseas liaison and managing. I have intentions to get into commercial hydroponic supply and installation of our automated products both local and abroad.

Name: Brad 



Kia Ora to all out there reading this. I'm Brad , Whiti's China based team member. Basically my role in the company is to check products we're bringing into NZ, making sure they're up to the standard we see fit to supply our customer base. A long with that I'm able to have face to face contact with our suppliers and that really helps in building our relationship with manufacturers and keeps them honest and knowing they have to provide the best quality available (as seen in our kits) or I'll be at their factory making noise 🤣
A little about me, I'm Tauranga born and raised, attended Tauranga Boys college before going on to serve in the Royal New Zealand Navy.
I've been living in China and around Asia for 6 years now and how time flies when you're living the fast paced lifestyle in cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Bangkok. I have a passion for sourcing products. It started with clothes, shoes and bags and now it's fans, lights and a whole lot of other horticulture products. I've made it my job to find products for the lowest price possible but best quality. Outside of working for Whiti you'll find me in clothing and technology markets most westerners don't venture, exploring historical sites as seen in the photos or touching up on my Chinese.
To everyone out there who've got behind Whiti and to all those that are jumping on board as we grow, your support is greatly appreciated. Keep a look out for what we have coming in the not to distant future. Signing out from Beijing👋👋👋

Name: Lajanne


Kia Ora,
My Name is Lajanne Smith and I am the Operations Manager for Whiti Solutions. The Shipping, Customs Clearances and Delivery to your Door. The Admin and books behind the scenes is where I spend most of my time. A little bit about me and my background, Ruebin and I went to College together and both Joined the Navy together. Ruebin approached me with the idea he had and I couldn't say No and here we are today!
Name: Lajanne
College: Mount Maunganui College.
Experience: Navy, Administration, National Logistics Manager
Sports: Netball, Tag, Touch anything I get asked to play. (Body is telling me otherwise)
Hobbies: Sport, Sport and more Sport and of course spending time with husband and 3 beautiful children.
Role in the company: Logistics and all Admin duties. Ruebin is the Brains behind the idea, Brad is our Get it Done guy and I'm your liasion/ supply on demand guru. We all play our parts very well and that is what makes our team solid. We stick to what we know and compliment each other to ensure our customers are happy.